Dental Care

A simple toothache can lead to an absence from work or prevent an employee from performing work. Unchecked and untreated, a toothache can worsen until it is no longer viable to save leading to tooth loss. Unless replaced, the loss of teeth can affect one’s self-confidence and ability to masticate properly to consume a wide variety of food for good nutrition. That is the importance of dental care.

Also, poor oral health can lead to the development of periodontal gum diseases that causes bad breath and widespread tooth loss. Recent studies have also shown a strong relationship between periodontal disease and systemic health.

Good oral health is important to one’s health and wellbeing. Dental care should be an important and integral part of your company’s healthcare program.

While some HMOs and Medical Insurers integrate dental care benefits to their healthcare program, others provide it as a rider. A basic dental care plan covers unlimited simple consultations, an annual or a bi-annual oral prophylaxis, temporary fillings, simple tooth extractions and permanent fillings, etc. Other benefits can be added to the package depending on a company’s willingness to provide expanded dental care services to their employees.

Dental benefits can be availed at any of the accredited dentists of the HMO or Dental Network.

For companies who are not satisfied with their dental benefits or network of accredited dentists, Affinitas offers competitive dental care plans under Affinity Network.

Members are provided access to a comprehensive network of dentists including access to Affinity Dental Clinics.

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