Affinitas is a company devoted to making healthcare better for our clients.


Since 2002, Affinitas has been helping companies of all sizes across all industries to develop, launch, implement and audit their healthcare programs.


Our expertise and extensive experience have led us to introduce and develop pioneering concepts, benefits and programs that help make healthcare better.

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AIB Health

Healthcare Benefits

With an employer sponsored healthcare program, employees are free from worrying about the costs of medical care. It also keeps them healthy, more productive, engaged, satisfied and less absent from work.

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AIB Dental

Dental Care

Good oral health is important to one’s health and well being. Dental care should be an important and integral part of your company’s healthcare program.

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AIB Vaccination

Employee Vaccination

As a preventive healthcare program, none can compete with the effectiveness and long-term benefits of workplace vaccination on employee health.

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AIB Clinic

Clinic Management

The presence of on-site primary healthcare services provides convenience to employees seeking care for simple medical complaints or conditions that would likely lead to the reduction of unnecessary and costly referrals to outside medical care.

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