Established in 1987, MediCard Philippines Inc. is one of the pioneers of the HMO industry and a founding member of the AHMOPI (Association of Health Maintenance Organizations of the Philippines).

As one of the most popular healthcare brands in the market, MediCard enjoys an unchallenged leadership in the industry as one of the biggest and most influential HMOs in the country.

MediCard offers individuals, families and companies with comprehensive health care programs that provide benefits for emergency care, hospital confinements, preventive health care, dental care and outpatient care.

Members can access their benefits within MediCard’s extensive network of doctors, hospitals and clinics. Currently, MediCard boasts of nearly 30,000 accredited doctors in over 1,000 accredited hospitals and clinics nationwide.

MediCard cardholders are also provided access to MediCard’s own chain of premium and lifestyle clinics located in major cities nationwide.